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Rebecca Hamilton Stockdill

Why make art?  Through art, you can reinvent yourself every day.  Each piece of art tells it own story, and, like it or not, you are part of each of those stories. You can create parallel universes and explore an infinite number of possibilities.  With just paint, paper, brushes, glue, and scissors, you can can show the world as you see it, as you want it to be, or as you fear it may become.


My work is a compilation of paintings and mixed media pieces.  While my paintings are based on real life and tend to have a semblance of realism (at least I hope so!), my mixed media pieces definitely lean towards fantasy and self-expression.  Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.


I have studied art at Academy of Art University, RISD CE, and Art Students League of New York. I am currently on the Board of Directors, Warwick Center for the Arts and a member of the Providence Art Club.

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